Primary Care Physicians in Anchorage

Anchorage Medical and Surgical Clinic in downtown Anchorage is home to some of the finest primary care physicians found anywhere in Alaska. We have a proud history of serving the residents of Alaska for over 60 years. Our primary care doctors provide a gamut of medical care services within walking distance of many downtown Anchorage businesses.

Primary Care Physicians Anchorage

Our History

Anchorage Medical & Surgical Clinic has been a part of downtown Anchorage for 68 years. The Clinic was founded in 1947 by Dr. Howard Romig and Dr. Asa Martin, both now retired.

Serving The Anchorage Residence and Downtown Business Community for 60 Years

Howard Romig’s father was Dr. Joseph Romig, a general Practitioner who came to Alaska in 1896 and became known as “The Dog-Team Doctor”, later the title of a book about his exploits. Asa Martin was the son of a steelworker who came to Anchorage to build the Alaska Railroad in 1915. His first boyhood job before medical school was delivering milk from the family dairy farm near what is now Merrill Field.

The Clinic’s first home was in a white wood-frame building at the corner of 4th and L. The growth of Anchorage and the clinic’s practice prompted our primary care physicians to move in 1959 to our current building on the corner of 7th and K, which was designed by Edwin B. Crittenden & Associates. The clinic was one of the first brick structures in Alaska and was constructed with materials carried by ship from Seattle. Its classic architecture features tan bricks interspersed with colored glass bricks, providing light and a feeling of openness and has one of the most spacious waiting areas to be found. The waiting area is full of plants, many in full bloom.

Throughout the years the primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and staff at Anchorage Medical & Surgical Clinic have cared for the citizens of Anchorage and nearby towns. With the growth of Palmer and Wasilla a huge number of people commute to Anchorage to work, and the clinic is a convenient and excellent choice for their medical needs.