Anchorage Internal Medicine Doctors

Anchorage Medical and Surgical Clinic has a team of internal medicine doctors who specialize in caring for the medical needs of Anchorage residence.

An internal medicine physician is the best choice as a primary physician for individuals with any medical problem, or for any individual who is looking to maintain and optimize his or her health and well-being.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine covers a broad range of medical practice, with exceptions of surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics. An Internist is trained in the care of routine medical problems and has advanced training in preventive medicine and the diagnosis and management of complex medical problems of the internal organs and systems. Common examples would include management of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease, disorders of the stomach and intestine, and diseases of the brain and nervous system.

Internal Medicine Doctors – Specialists of the Entire Adult Body

Dr Ragel

William H. Ragle, MD – Internist

While other specialists are only concerned with one body part (heart) or one system (gastrointestinal), internal medicine doctors specialize in understanding the complex inter- relationship between all of the systems in your body. Years of intensive training have taught them how a problem with one system can affect the other systems and how to manage these changes.

People are not just one part or one problem that can be separated from the whole, so it is important to choose a doctor that specializes in viewing and managing your medical problems with the whole body picture clearly in mind.


Konrad C. Kaltenborn, MD Endocrinologist

As adults age it is important to monitor various indicators of trouble. By catching things early it is often possible to prevent the onset of serious conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Internal medicine doctors recognize risk factors such as elevated blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, abnormal blood counts or high cholesterol and can advise you as to how to manage these problems to either alleviate them or to minimize their effects on your health.

Internal medicine doctors understand the complex interaction of medications, which is vital for patients with multiple medical problems.


Nell E. Loftin, MD Internist

Medications are often prescribed for a patient by various specialists for a specific medical problem and before long a person can be taking a multitude of different drugs. Internal medicine doctors understand the interaction of the drugs, knowing which ones work well together and which should be changed.

If a person is hospitalized they are often given new prescriptions by the attending physician, then sent home with a note to follow up with their internal medicine doctor. Our doctors know you, understand how your body tolerates various medications and will be able to help you deal with the confusion of multiple problems and multiple medications.


Michael Jones, MD Internist

Even if you’re young and healthy and are just now searching for a primary care doctor, it would be to your best interest to select an Internal Medicine Doctor. They can and do treat things like the flu, sore throats or bladder infections. They also monitor your vaccinations to insure that you are protected from things like Hepatitis or Tetanus.

They deal with sleep disorders and anxiety and general fatigue. Establishing care with an Internal Medicine Doctor now gives you an advantage if something in your body goes seriously wrong in the future.