Anchorage Medical Lab

Anchorage Medical and Surgical Clinic is unique among medical clinics in Anchorage because we offer “in house” lab and services right here in our downtown medical clinic.

This service offers our clients added convenience of not having to run all over town between doctors offices and labs just to get simple medical tests done.

An additional benefit to our  lab is that the doctors have quick access to your medical test results.

Award Winning
Anchorage Medical Lab

COLA has awarded its highest commendation to the Laboratory
at Anchorage Medical & Surgical Clinic:


“For it’s outstanding performance in quality patient testing and overall exemplary application of the principles of laboratory practices.”

Preparing for Medical Lab Tests

Jeff-Lab-TechWhat does “fasting” mean?

For many blood tests to be accurate the patient must be fasting. This means nothing to eat or drink for 10 (ten) to 12 (twelve) hours .. EXCEPT for WATER. You may drink as much water as you want.

As a matter of fact, drinking water doesn’t effect the test results in any way but makes it much easier to obtain the blood sample.


Our laboratory staff are all ASCP Certified Technicians.
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